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Unified action
We are a network of professionals, NGOs,
CBOS, Private land users and activits who are interested in
sustainable land management and governance in Grenada
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Championing the cause for equitable, inclusive and sustainable development of Grenada’s land resources

Recognizing the crucial role that land plays for poverty alleviation, human well being and dignity, our mission is to monitor land governance in Grenada and to ensure that citizen's rights and interest are placed at the center of land governance

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Our Paradise and Sovereignty under Siege

We call upon the government and the Planning and Development Authority to act in the interest of our communities and protect our shared natural and cultural heritage in La Sagesse, Mount Hartman & Levera. Moving forward, we demand more inclusive sustainable development planning through the establishment of a National Physical Development Plan – this is long overdue.

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Our Paradise and Sovereignty under Siege

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